Official Metarea Whitepaper


Metarea is a third-person sandbox MMO, where you can create your own world together with other players. You can build cities, develop economy, create new technologies, make alliances, participate in local and global politics.
Metarea is greatly focused on the creative economy. Using user-friendly tools, the players can create and sell NFT-items that don’t influence the game balance: buildings, mounts, emotions, haircuts, etc.
Genre: 3d person Sandbox MMO
Engine: Unreal Engine
Blockchain: Ethereum + Polygon
Backend: SpatialOS
Platforms: PC, iOS, Android

Our Mission

We are creating the system where players are only limited by their imagination: they can choose any vector of development, create unique gameplay situations, fill the game with the content they enjoy.
Our goal is a free-market economy where players can create and sell content without centralised pressure. In most modern games, developers keep the economy under their control, which impedes players turning their skills and time into earnings. In Metarea it is possible for everyone — we achieved it with affordable tools, user-friendly tutorials, and a unique art style.


Metarea is an ecosystem for players and creators. It consists of the game with a wide range of opportunities, asset marketplace, tools for content and code integration, as well as various blockchain services.
Game is a global system and a set of rules which can be changed or added upon. This system allows players to create communities, gather resources, turn them into assets, and make a profit out of their creativity.
Creators Instruments — visual editors, code and no-code tools, which allow players to create the game content. We enable all the players to create unique production chains and assemble them into games. The objects created could be turned into NFT tokens and sold on the marketplace.
Marketplace is a trading environment where assets can be sold or distributed to other players for free.
Blockchain Services — the core of Metarea’s game ecosystem is various blockchain services: Staking, Farming, DAO, Treasury, and many other. Not only do they enable the game system decentralisation, but also a community-driven management.
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